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From Jose Alfonso Martinez del Paso <>
Subject Universal Login proyect proposal
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2004 20:00:57 GMT
Hello guys, I have an idea of a project, I hope this is the right place to post it. If not,
forgive me, it won't take long. 

Having different login accounts for everything  (email, blogs, msn,
websites, etc) is a pain in the ass. Therefore I have an idea of a
universal, unique, login account. Lets call it ULOGIN (universal login).

Lets implement a web service that when giving a login and a password
will return the authenticated user information, or an error if
not found. The web service will be listening forever in a public
available server. Creating an account will be free, and all fields (but
email) will be optional.

The desired goal, is that websites will ask you "please enter your ULOGIN
and password, or create an account, it is free." Developers will no more
have to worry about implementing authentification; instead, they will
ask ULOGIN server for that name and that password, and receive an error, or 
the user information instead. 

I guess this will only work for websites that does not require to know
restricted information, such as bank accounts or so. The specific
details of which fields should be included in the ULOGIN account
information can be discussed later. 

However, I just wanted to ask the comunity for ideas, comments, etc. If
you guys, knowing more than me, think this could work or not. 

Hey thanks a lot. 

Jose A. Martinez
El Centro Virtual
Guadalajara, Mexico

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