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From "LOMBART Christophe" <>
Subject Re: Idea of JCMS
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 14:30:28 GMT
 Hi Oliver,

Thanks for your interest in JCMS. We (the JCMS team) plan to start this kind of discussion
on Slide & JackRabbit mailing lists but  Incubator is certainly the right place to do

The main JCMS goals are  :
1.Group together different kind of content servers in order to aggrate them into a portal
application like Jetspeed.
2. Build some JSR-168 portlets which are using the JCMS services
3. Build predefined portal application like JcmsNews, JcmsForum and many other portal centric
applications which are not requiring a lot of customisations.
3. Use JCMS as the page manager for Jetspeed 2. By this way, the portal site structure and
its content is managed by the same service.
4. Build this CMS solution on a IOC design pattern in order to be integrated in different
web/portal frameworks.

Yes, there are similarities with the Slide kernel code but you will understand if I explain
our choices for the JCMS persistence layer :
we found 3 alternatives  for building this persistence layer :
1. Use the Slide kernel engine (without the WEBDAV layer)
2. Use a JCR tools like JackRabbit.
3. Build our own persistence service with some plugins which are calling a "JCMS Store".

I tried the first solution but with some difficulties. For example, the search service is
really WEBDAV centric. Futermore, some slide committers advise us to use the Slide webdav
layer instead of the Slide API (you certainly know the story). It will be a big error to miss
a WEBDAV integration in JCMS but it is another error to focus only on WEBDAV (like I think
Projector does). I have different customers which want a simple CMS solution  without the
need of scability in the first time. JCMS can offer this kind of solution and eventually gives
a chance to migrate to a more robust architecture later based on Webdav.

The second solution is interesting but not yet present in the current JCMS code because JackRabbit
is still young and we have not strong JCR expertise. We want to discuss with the Jackrabbit
committers to see if it is possible to build our persistence service with Jackrabbit or still
use a JCR plugin. Currently, there is a simple OJB plugin. A prototype exists for the Webdav
plugin and hope to see a support for JCR ASAP.
Concerning JackRabbit, I'm wondering if the committers plan to support some DB  and webdav
backends. It should be interesting to see an OJB integration in JackRabbit in order to access
to many RDBMS. 

I think JCMS is maybe an alternative to Projector. I don't understant why Projector is born
like this when you see the number of open source web/portal frameworks like Jetspeed, Cocoon,
Trapestry, Spring, ....  JCMS is based on IOC. So, it can be run into different container
like Spring, Picocontainer, ... This kind of design pattern will gives us some facilities
to integrate JCMS into some well know framework like Jetspeed.

In summary, we think both projects (Slide & JCMS) are complementary & can be use together).
JCMS could be a "webdav client" for one or more Slide Webdav servers. JCR is quite young and
not yet integrated in JCMS but we will be very happy to see how to integrate this new standard.

Kind Regards,

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