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From "J Aaron Farr" <>
Subject RE: What to do with FTPServer and AltRMI
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 17:40:33 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Niclas Hedhman []
> > So, can I use such project name and move all code to SF?
> No.
> It would require explicit permission from the ASF.
> I have no idea how easy that would be, but my guess is; Fairly difficult.

Well, it depends.

In the case of Depot, for example, AFAIK the code started off outside of
the ASF at Krysalis.  The developers tried to move it here to the ASF but
it never reached a critical mass and will thus be moved back.  In this
case, Depot can probably keep the name though will probably change the
package structure.

FTPServer and AltRMI started in Avalon as ASF subprojects.  So the code
has always been ASF.  In this case, a fork with a new name might be

But Niclas and Sergey bring up a *really* good point: what do we do with
projects which fail Incubation?  What about code which has been
contributed to the project under Incubation?


Let's say a group of developers bring an LGPL'd project to Apache called
JExample from  So they convert the license to ASL 2.0 and
go through all the other hoops but after six months or so, things have
stalled and it's apparent the project isn't ready for the ASF.  Now what? 
Can they take the code and the name JExample and just return to
SourceForge?  What about code that was contributed during Incubation?  Or
switching back to the LGPL?  What if it wasn't open source before?  I'm
not sure if we have policies in place for this yet.  If so, would someone
please point them out?


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