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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: [OT] How to prevent abusing Apache priviliges
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2004 20:04:20 GMT
On 18.10.2004, at 13:34, Niclas Hedhman wrote:

> On Monday 18 October 2004 19:05, Santiago Gala wrote:
>> El lun, 18-10-2004 a las 11:08 +0200, Stephen McConnell escribió:
>>> Seems to me that he's talking about a very real dark-side of the
>>> ASF.
>> Facts? I would like to see something substantial.

Same here. Maybe I'm blind but where is this 'dark-side ... where 
certain individuals enjoy playing
with private lists, protected themselves while at same time spreading 
lies, slander, and real fear'? Board@? Members@? Security@? pmc@xxx? 
Facts please...

> Perhaps this is "culture", I don't know. But I have the distinct 
> feeling that
> more stuff than necessary are pushed into private forums. I happen to 
> think
> (and I think Steve is of the same opinion) that there is very little 
> in OSS
> that needs the secrecy.

Agreed, only staff-related discussions (new committers, members, ...) 
and security-related things spring to mind. Most of the rest should be 

> Other people in ASF is obviously of a different opinion, as my bashing 
> on
> community@ some weeks ago made brutally obvious.

Well, another recent thread on community@ showed that there's *no* 
majority in favor of a committers-private list, so...

> One should compare it with a company, where secrecy is the norm, and 
> chain of command is
> from above downwards.

Uh - chain of command? Company? Am I missing something? This is a 
meritocracy based on volunteers, nothing more, nothing less. As 
everything, it comes with it's advantages and it's disadvantages but 
I'm really failing to see that secrecy and a company-like command 
structure is 'the norm' here.


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