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From Geir Magnusson Jr. <>
Subject Re: Apache Agila : BPM engine
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2004 15:05:08 GMT

On Oct 1, 2004, at 9:45 AM, Julian wrote:

> Geir,
> I have been evaluating BPM for some time now, and was
> just about to implement one when this happened.  I am
> now very curious and excited to see how Gluecode's
> engine was constructed.  There is little documentation
> on Gluecode's site so I would greatly appreciate any
> answers you can give to the following:

Yes - Gluecode is the entity donating the software, and it will be here 
at the ASF. Note that this isn't Gluecode's commercial product, but the 
core engine the product is based on.

> 1) Does the engine run standalone or in a servlet
> container?

It was designed with this question in mind :)

The core engine is simple J2SE, depending on a set of services to 
provide functionality.  You can choose to implement those services in 
whatever technology you choose.  Agila will come with 'in-memory' 
services - non-persistent - as well as JDBC-based services as well.  it 
also comes w/ a servlet UI that it 'hangs' in, for users to upload 
processes, start instances, view instances, and interact w/ 
notifications and tasks.  But that servlet based UI is there to help 
humans interact w/ the engine.  The engine has no servlet dependencies.

> 2) What process definition languages are supported
> (i.e. XPDL, BPEL-WS, etc.)?

None of the above :)  We looked at several, and decided the best way 
for us was to do our own.  The reason is that our current customer-base 
is very 'human task' focused, rather than webservice orchestration 
focused.  However, BPEL is on our product roadmap, and thus we have an 
interest as Agila community participants to get it into Agila somehow, 
if the rest of the community agrees.

> 3) Is there a graphical process designer?

We have one in our commercial product, and will not be giving that to 
the ASF.  However, that means that there's plenty of room in the 
project for one :)  I'm totally +1 for seeing one created here in the 

> 4) Is there a webapp that can be prototyped? If so,
> can it manage "process driven wizards" (i.e. affect
> the page flow based on decisions made by the engine)?

I don't think I fully understand what you mean, but right now, you can 
create a workflow which does web-based UI to allow the engine to 
solicit input from humans and act on that input.

So, while I never thought of it that way, yes - you could produce a 
workflow that just produces tasks for a user to do.

The current UI is generic - the user logs in and gets to see the list 
of tasks waiting for the user.  However, a servlet could easily use the 
engine's taskservice to drive a sequence of pages based on those tasks.

The task model goes something like this :

1) for a 'node' of activity in the workflow, the engine calls a 'begin' 
method.  This method gets to analyze the instance data, and maybe do 
something, like assign a task to the user, fling a request via WS or 
soemthing else to another machine, etc.  Then it indicates to the 
engine to wait for the 'outside' to trigger advancement.  When the user 
decides to do a task, the framework solicits from the activity that 
assigned the task a 'Renderer' that produces the UI for doing the task. 
Our product uses JSR168 portlets, but this is an implementation 
extention, and you could choose whatever you wanted.  Once the user 
completes the form (for example), the activity is then asked to 
validate the data, indicating if the input is enough, or the UI needs 
to be rendered again for correction.  If ok, the data is sent into the 
engine via a 'continue' message for that instance, and the engine calls 
the 'end' method for the activity, in which it can process the data 
that was input.  We do this present/gather/passByMsg thing to ensure 
that we aren't modifying the instance state in the UI transaction, but 
rather inside the engine.

> 5) Does the code support any of Wil van der Aalst's
> patterns
> ( If so
> how many?

I've gone through them a little, but not in detail.  There is a 
fork/join, for example.
> Again, please feel free to answer any of my questions.
>  I apologize for not being patient, but I find this
> terribly exciting!!

I'm sorry about the delay in answering.  I was offline this weekend at 
a wedding, forgetting about code for 2 days :)


> -Julian
> --- Geir Magnusson Jr <> wrote:
>> On Sep 30, 2004, at 7:12 AM, Endre StĂžlsvik wrote:
>>> On Wed, 29 Sep 2004, Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
>>> | All,
>>> |
>>> | The Jakarta PMC has voted to accept in Jakarta
>> the contribution of a
>>> | BPM engine from Gluecode, my employer, and I am
>> starting the basic
>>> work
>>> | of getting it into [and out of] incubation.
>>> BPM.. Rite.
>>> DJ-lingo: "Beats Per Minute"
>>> Some journal: "British Postgraduate Musicology"
>>> BSD: "BSD Ports Manipulator"
>>> Here we got it, I guess: "Business Process
>> Management" ?
>>> Sounds cool! What is it?
>> BPM is the [IMO] overused, general term for a whole
>> host of
>> technologies and systems to automate business
>> processes.  In this case,
>> it's a small execution engine and simple services
>> that process
>> 'workflows'.
>> A workflow, or business process, is a set of
>> activities and tasks that
>> are connected to complete a larger task.  For
>> example, processing a
>> loan application may take may people many steps, and
>> a workflow system
>> allows that step sequence to be constructed and
>> executed.
>> it will be easier to explain when I get the code in
>> there.  I'm offline
>> this weekend, but we're working on moving the code
>> to teh Apache
>> license, doing the paperwork, and will be bringing
>> the code here ASAP.
>> geir
>>> Endre
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