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From "Cliff Schmidt" <>
Subject STATUS: Beehive
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2004 19:08:00 GMT
Status file is up to date; 
 or when site is regenerated)

Code & Infrastructure
- initial code drop was made in mid-July.  Ongoing development is very active.
- over the last three months, we've set up svn, jira, the web site and a wiki.
- we're just starting to make more use of jira. 
- docs and tutorials have been recently contributed

- all code shows ASF copyright notice.
- software grant, individual CLAs, and corporate CLAs, are in place 
  for all active committers (one initial committer has no account while
  we wait for his employer to complete review of CLA and CCLA)

- Web services metadata subproject has participation from key members
  of Axis community; however, NetUI and Controls subprojects are still
  primarily driven by BEA employees.  We expect this to begin to change 
  after getting out an initial release for the community to experiment
  with and digest.  We have several ApacheCon presentations that we also
  hope will invite more non-BEA developers to be actively involved.

Release Plans
- The community has decided to cut a pre-1.0 release out for ApacheCon.
  This release will follow the incubation release rules requiring a) incubator 
  disclaimer in README and from any download links, b) filename to include
  'incubating', and c) ppmc vote (providing the incubator pmc approval since
  all interested incubator pmc members should be on the beehive ppmc mailing
- We've also had a generic release plan proposed and discussed.  Also work
  has started on a roadmap document to make it easier for new developers to
  get the big picture and figure out where they can help.

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