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From Rolf Kulemann <>
Subject Re: Idea of JCMS
Date Sun, 31 Oct 2004 12:33:40 GMT
On Sun, 2004-10-31 at 13:14, Oliver Zeigermann wrote:
> > Ok, sorry, I missed the WebDAV thingy. You are right. BUT WebDAV is very
> > limited; see transactions and a standard query API. However, this is
> > another discussion.
> > 
> > This is exactly the reason why I won't use Slide for Lenya; I can not
> > use WebDAV because of its limitations and I do not want to rely on the
> > _propriatry_ Slide API.
> I did not want to program to the propriatry Slide API either ;) 
> Anyway, Slide supports both a standard query API as well as
> transactions. Seach is standard WebDAV and for transactions, events /
> notifcation we use the extensions MS proposed...

Well, maybe the MS extensions will be part of the WebDAV standard

We in Lenya land will have to make a decision soon, on which API we want
to rely on. So, I very appreciate this discussion.

> Daniel, the inventor of Projector - which is part of Slide - did
> exactly that: implement some sort of CMS frontend (i.e. workflow,
> processing, etc.) against WebDAV. I have recently heard rumors he now
> adapts it to work with SVN which speaks a WebDAV dialect as well. So,
> this is well possible and seems to work fine...

Yes, I have seen the Projector, but I do not know much about it. Maybe a
closer look will offer me some new views to things. On the other hand
I'm working on Lenya...

Rolf Kulemann

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