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From Rolf Kulemann <>
Subject Re: Idea of JCMS
Date Sun, 31 Oct 2004 11:07:16 GMT
On Sun, 2004-10-31 at 00:03, Oliver Zeigermann wrote:
> Folks,
> just heard of JCMS proposed to be incubated and it sounds interesting.
> Looking at the description and the sources I wonder why not helping
> the Slide project to achive the goals stated in the proposal. Goals
> are pretty similar and Slide is working code.

But JCMS also claims to support/use standards like JCR. AFAICS Slide
does not support JCR. I do not know why, but I saw some posting giving
me the feeling it was due to lack of collaboration between the former
jcrri team and the Slide team.


IMHO, JCMS should better help out in the JackRabbit project even Slide
has more working code. Apache is much about standards like Tomcat
implementing the J2EE refs. for Servlets and JSP. Other products like
Geronimo then rely on such impls. JCR is another peace in the puzzle.

Its not that I do not like Slide, but I like to focus on standards as a
long term goal. JCMS is just starting and should focus on standards too.
We in Lenya land will also focus on JackRabbit after we did our next
maintenance release.

Assertion: Keep on using Slide is like building on a proprietry Java DB
access API in regard to JDBC. 

I do not want to offend Slide. It's just my technical opinion.
Rolf Kulemann

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