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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
Subject Re: Proposition: Twister WS-BPEL engine and Apache Agila
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 14:21:33 GMT
"Paul Russell" <> writes:
> I'm /so/ +1 for this (the TLP bit -- you /know/ I'm +1 the rest of it 
> too!) it's making me late for work! My day job involves working for a 
> large enterprise (the largest insurer in the UK). To large 
> organisations like that, visibility is everything, and they would want 
> to see that workflow is being taken very seriously by Apache before 
> buying in (I know this is a bit of a stupid attitude, but such is the 
> way with large companies). To give you an idea of how seriously /we/ 
> take workflow, we currently spend several million pounds a year 
> maintaining our own workflow system (developed before the rest of the 
> world 'did' workflow). As you can imagine, we're currently looking to 
> replace this. Right now, the likely candidates are commercial, but it'd 
> be nice to have an alternative.
> The other reason I'm for a TLP is that I can see a number of other 
> projects that might spring up around this (an Agila plug-in for 
> Eclipse, for example?), and it seems more cohesive to host these all 
> under one well-focused TLP.
> As ever, just my $0.10.
> Paul
> -- 
> Paul Russell
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+1 for going forward as one project and for going for a TLP when 
we are ready!

I already know someone who has a prototype of a BPEL editor (as
an eclipse plug-in) which we could start with for tooling.


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