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From "hammett" <>
Subject Re: Castle proposal
Date Sat, 02 Oct 2004 02:56:51 GMT
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From: "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>

> FYI, the understanding of mono and the mod_aspdotnet projects
> is that it's not a violation to connect to a Microsoft ASP.NET
> implementation, but that some of the ASP.NET implementation
> itself is trademarked, and best avoided.

Yes, AFAIK the mono people are at they own risk by providing an ASP.Net
implementation and even working on a Winforms implementation (not sure about
the status of both). But something that I'd like to know if it's allright to
host code that uses Winforms API or Asp.Net API here @ apache...
Probably it is.

> Thus, the mod_aspdotnet project will restrict itself to the
> interface into MS .NET, and mod_mono has chosen to release
> two bundles, one international, one MS patent free.

Hmmm... getting the picture.

> The ASF is a US corp, so we are subject to any patent
> considerations.  To the extent that Castle introduces new
> or open frameworks, terrific!  But ASP.NET should be struck
> from your list of portable implementations, IMHO.

So this send me back to the question about using the Asp.Net API.. :-\

Thanks so far for your clarifications, it's been very helpful.


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