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From Daniel Quinlan <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Switch to SVN
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 09:55:56 GMT
Jochen Wiedmann <> writes:

> It is quite reasonable, that this will change over the next year. But, 
> as the situation is now, I would consider it a pain to use SVN in 
> everydays work. That is also the reason, where I do not support 
> switching to SVN in the Apache projects, I am involved in.

Oh, SpamAssassin is not in the incubator any more, but boy, SVN is MUCH
MUCH better than CVS.  I highly recommend it.

When Subversion 1.1 comes out, as far as I can tell, it will be superior
to CVS in every way.  1.1 fixes my two major complaints: "svn blame" was
really slow and diff now follows across renames (before, you had to
specify both full names which is a pain).  Even without 1.1, it's crazy
to not be being moving any project to SVN as fast as possible.  Of
course, if SVN does not do something you must have, then wait, but
otherwise just do it.  It's that nice.


Daniel Quinlan

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