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From thorsten <>
Subject Re: Request for graduation and Lenya TLP
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 08:53:30 GMT
Greg Stein wrote:

> Oh, no need to apologize! I just was hoping to track it down to fix it for
> future submissions. Search/replace isn't that terrible, but after a
> while... ya know :-)

I will ask David, he will know where there have it from. ;-) Maybe there 
is a faulty template lurking around.

> In any case, the Board passed the resolution :-)


Nice, cheers for "search/replace" action. ;-) ...and of course the 
passing of the resolution.

> I'll be sending out a summary of our meeting which will also mention it,
> but figured that I'd let you guys know sooner rather than later :-)

Nice, cheers!


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