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From Vic Cekvenich <>
Subject Re: Repost-Re: Derby code copyright question
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2004 03:15:17 GMT
Vic Cekvenich wrote:

> Jim Barnett wrote:
>>> Also, having owners assign copyrights to ASF would probably be a 
>>> mistake.  First, ASF really doesn't have the resources or (I would 
>>> guess) the interest in enforcing copyrights assigned to it when a 
>>> third party uses the contributed work outside the scope of the 
>>> Apache license.  Second, so long as the author/contributor retains 
>>> ownership of the copyright, the author also retains some degree of 
>>> protection against prospective shifts in Apache's out-bound license 
>>> terms.  In other words if tomorrow Apache decided that the 
>>> FreeBSD-style license model was passé and that the GPL model is 
>>> preferable, as assignee-owner Apache could make that shift, even if 
>>> the original contributor of the work specifically relied upon 
>>> Apache's commitment to the FreeBSD-style model instead of a GPL 
>>> model when making the contribution.  If the original author retains 
>>> ownership of the contribution, and were Apache to radically alter 
>>> its license model in a way undesirable to the contributor, the 
>>> contributo
>> r could simply offer its original contribution via another open 
>> source organization and/or license model more consistent with it's 
>> perceived strategic interests.
>>> I am very curious as to what others think about this issue, and am 
>>> available for e-mail or phone consultation.  Thank you for allowing 
>>> me to offer my $0.02.
>>> Regards,
>>> James Barnett
>>> Senior Counsel
>>> BEA Systems, Inc.
>>> 408-570-8442
> In general... the goal of O/S AFAIK  "it's our sofware, and you can't 
> take it away from us once you give it to us" and that is what the 
> license should do.
> ASF should own it and if they chose to *not protect* it (goal is to 
> share) or change the license, great. Else it's a slipery slope and 
> resource intensive.
> .V

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