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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: Derby code copyright question
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2004 04:31:31 GMT
On Sep 16, 2004, at 7:59 PM, Roy T. Fielding wrote:

>>>      Collective work Copyright 2004 The Apache Software Foundation.
>>>      [AL 2.0 Template]
>>>      Derivative work Copyright 2004 Some Other Contributor.
>>>      Licensed to the ASF under a contributor agreement.
>>>      Copyright 2004 Contributor Company, Inc.
>>>      Licensed to the ASF under a contributor agreement.
>> So Corporate entities get special handling (i.e., all I have to do is
>> form an LLC and I can get my self listed in the notice file)?
> No, those copyright notices would be for every legitimate copyright
> owner of the contents of each source file -- an owner is necessarily
> an individual or legal entity.  That means each individual or legal
> entity that contributes something copyrightable on its own that ends
> up in a given file would be listed within that file.
> Note that this was only a suggestion offered as a possible solution.
> It was not given as advice, legal or otherwise, nor was it offered
> as the best solution.

That is what I hoped you would write.

> The problem with such a scheme is that, to be fair, we would have
> to go back through the archives of each project, determine the
> actual copyright holders, and ask if they want to be named by
> a copyright notice.  Some will, some won't, and this will inevitably
> lead to an ego war over the fact that some of the least-contributing
> individuals will be more prominently named throughout the source
> code than those who contributed 80% or more of the code.  Furthermore,
> contributions that came from employed individuals will most likely
> need to acknowledge both the individual and their employer(s).
> Even worse, some of the lawyers for some of those companies will
> erroneously claim that they own all IP generated by their employees,
> and will therefore object if we do try to name them as individuals.
> This is a lose-lose situation, which is why we spent so much time
> and effort trying to avoid it.



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