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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: Derby web site updates [Ken, please 'svn update' to make visible]
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 17:48:08 GMT

Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
> Can someone explain the web-site process? A Derby committer can make
> changes to the source pages for the web-site but does not have the
> permissions to make them visible on the actual site. Hence the requests
> to Ken to 'svn update to make visible'. Is Ken in a committer++ role or
> ~ as a committer on the incubator project or something else?

more or less, yes.  there are four different kinds of access involved:

a) access to the derby site module (svn incubator/derby/site/trunk/)
b) access to the incubator module (cvs incubator/)
c) access to the incubator site module (cvs incubator-site/)
d) access to the web server filesystems

there are two places on the incubator site where the derby project has


#1 comes from the derby site module, and is quite straightforward:
any time someone with [a] access changes the derby site module, someone
with [d] access needs to propagate those changes to the web server.

#2 is much more complex.  someone with [b] access needs to change
the derby.cwiki file and generate the pages from it.  then someone
with [c] access needs to import the generated pages into the incubator-site
module.  then someone with [d] access needs to update the web server
from the incubator-site module.

access types [b] and [c] are mostly granted to the members of the incubator
project.  access type [a] is granted to whomever needs to keep the derby
site pages updated.  and access type [d] is granted to a less well-defined
set of people, such as the infrastructure team and others who need to
and are trusted to safely update the web server pages.

i have all of these access types: [d] primarily because i've been around
a long time at apache and have worn many hats; [b] and [c] because i'm
part of the incubator project; and [a] because i'm one of the mentors
of the derby project and imported the code and pages before any other
derby committers were set up.

when derby exits incubation, i expect i will lose access [a] because i
will not need it.

i hope that description helps..

by the way, i encourage everyone involved with the derby podling to subscribe
to the list for the duration of the incubation;
just send an empty message to
- --
#ken	P-)}

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