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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Federations [was: Re: Incubation of iBATIS Data Mapper]
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 17:15:39 GMT
Brian McCallister wrote:
> J Aaron Farr wrote:
> > We're seeing a general explosion of new TLP's in Apache or subprojects
> > graduating to TLP level. IMHO at some point we're going to reach a
> > critical mass where it will no longer be very feasible for the Board
> > to directly handle so many TLP's.  I believe the XML group is on to
> > something with the project federation idea.  Maybe there needs to be
> > a DB federation instead of or in addition to the DB TLP?

> Agreed on the federation thing =)

I agree on the federation idea, which Berin adopted for the XML TLP, but
please note that the XML Federation has no impact on TLP issues for the
Board.  The federation idea is about fostering tighter collaboration across
multiple communities that are in seperate TLPs.  That has no effect on the
corporate structure, nor on the requirement for each TLP to separately
report to the Board.  TLP reporting is a corporate structure issue, whereas
federation is about sharing resources (e.g., web-site and mail domain) and
community building.

	--- Noel

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