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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject FtpServer in the incubator - help needed!
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2004 17:28:27 GMT
Geronimo Folks,

Once upon a time, in the very early days of the incubator, a small 
project was moved there from the Avalon codebase. It was a bit of an 
unusual way for a project to move to the Incubator, and it did not come 
with the usual community dynamics expected of projects arriving in 
Apache. Essentially it was Rana Battacharyya and me. Rana used to work 
in the US, but returned home to India after the downturn (got married 
etc etc etc) and now dials up.

The project in question was called FtpServer.  It is wholly dependant on 
Avalon-Framework and the former Phoenix container.

I'm half way thru refactoring the code to *also* be Constructor 
Dependency Injection (CDI) capable. That will mean that essential at the 
simplest, an embeddor could do ..

  FtpServer ftpServer = new FtpSeverImpl();

Anyway, this stuff is too good to languish there uncompleted.....

*What is needed is some new committers*

Given that it would be so cool to run this puppy integrated with 
Geronimo (an optional GBean plugin), I think it would be great to 
solicit interest here.  Now, we can't just say "you, you and you, you're 
in as committers" - Apache does not work that way, at least not for 
non-committers.  What we can say is that patches will be recieved 
gratefully and in time, and on merit, invitations for committer /may/ be 
offered. That's the case for all Apache committerships - they're 
informally offered, never sought.  In the mean time, from the Geronimo 
developers, those with a hankering to do more than they are doing - 
please duck into the projects@incubator list.

TODO ...

1) Complete refactoring to so that FtpServer may be deployed without 
Avalon - note this is not the removal of Avalon capability
2) Put in GBean enablers (I say this thru gritted teeth Dain :-)
3) Work on Ftplet (think Servlet but for FTP instead of HTTP)
4) Unit / Integration tests :-)
5) Loom/Phoenix/Merin compatability work
6) Mavenisation

Any others ?

Avalon people - get interested too :-)

- Paul & Rana

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