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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Personal attacks and respect
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 21:04:56 GMT
On 08 Jul 2004, at 20:48, Noel J. Bergman wrote:

>> I'm quite confident that a good portion of the inhabitants
>> of this list doesn't care much about who is going to "win"
>> this flamefest.
> +1
> There is a sense in which a general discussion on community building
> techniques and communication skills is worthwhile.  I've suggested to 
> Nicola
> Ken that he start work on a web page to cover ideals, techniques and
> scenarios.  He has agreed that it is something he would like to do, 
> and to
> which others would contribute.  Discussion on that would be appropriate
> here, in my opinion, so long as it maintains the proper  academic and
> cordial decorum.  Another venue could be community@, again with the 
> same
> caveat.

I figure your suggestion and the assumedly planned work can't have 
anything to do with what is happening here. I hate rules-making for 
community dynamics as much as anyone, but if it needs to happen (and 
I'm not sure it does), I'd like it to grow naturally rather than being 
commissioned. But I'd rather review what becomes available, and thank 
the person who initially got the ball rolling.

But that is not what we are talking about ATM... I see two persons 
bringing bad vibes into the wrong places. That will reflect badly upon 
both of them. What I was trying to suggest is that those persons try 
and find a solution amongst themselves. I feel like the audience for a 
play I rejected a ticket for. If the audience leaves, I wonder how many 
of the actors would stay on stage. The funniest things happen when 
people take themselves too seriously.

(I'm a few hours away from going on holidays, so bear my poetic 
tendencies ATM.)

Steven Noels                  
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