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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject New SVN repositories - httpd cli-dev subproject
Date Fri, 16 Jul 2004 02:20:32 GMT
Gents, could someone assist in creating the following SVN structure...

incubator/    [existing]
    httpd/      [for incubating any httpd subproject efforts]
        cli/      [for the cli - efforts]
            site/    [website/docs area]
            mod_aspdotnet/    [module contribution]

the initial import into mod_aspdotnet, to be considered for adoption
by this PPMC, was recorded in /foundation/grants.txt rev 1.7 by JimJ.

The goal would be, following usual voting and graduation, to move this
svn tree out of incubator/ into a new top-level httpd/ tree that would
eventually contain stuff like the converted httpd-1.3, httpd-2.0, docs,
site, manual and other efforts (as the httpd PMC becomes ready for
each of those transitions.)  The /httpd/cli/ structure, or perhaps instead
/httpd/subproj/cli/ - would remain the same.

My goal is to import this code from /~wrowe/ and
prepare the cli/site/index.html document tomorrow, in order to present
this PPMC opportunity to other interested dev@httpd participants.
Those on the initial email roster, plus Noel and JimJ have already been
invited, I wanted to ensure they have a chance to subscribe to the
project list cli-dev@httpd prior to announcing it.

Anyone else in the incubator community is of course, welcome to
subscribe to cli-dev@httpd as well.

When importing, I'll ensure LICENSE is 2.0, and NOTICE contains
this statement:


The incubation team (general .at. and the pre-project
committee (cli-dev .at. are considering this code for
acceptance and incubation.  The code is being considered as a subproject
of the Apache HTTP Server project.  

All enclosed code remains Copyright 1992-1994 by Covalent, Inc., until such 
time as the software grant, on file with the ASF secretary and recorded on
19 Feb 2004, is accepted by vote of the PPMC, and approved by the
Incubator PMC.

Does this sound correct?  Is there better template/NOTICE language some

If you can point me at -other- files I should pay attention to, I'd appreciate
it, both the cvs /infrastructure/ and /infrastructure-site/ repositories are
somewhat confusing to follow.

I have committed an ip-clearance form to incubator/site/projects/httpd-cli.cwiki
and updated index.html, nominating Ian as mentor.

Any recommended next steps?


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