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From Rolf Kulemann <>
Subject [DRAFT] Convert to subversion - add comments
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 20:58:01 GMT
Hello infrastructure, hello incubators,

The Lenya project has decided to move to subversion, so we need your
help, along with an indication about when it can be done.  

Lenya is currently leaving incubation, thus the incubator pmc is still responsible for us
and is informed about this request.

We (_only_!) need to export the cvs module

* cocoon-lenya

to SVN and then lock the above CVS module before the final conversion.

The resulting repo we need is:

/incubator-lenya (*)
    /trunk/ <- cocoon-lenya CVS HEAD
    /tags/ <- Tags on specific Milestones and Releases
    /branches/ <- Branches of the lenya repository
    /branches/1.2/ <- Lenya 1.2 branch for bugfixing only: CVS tag RELEASE_1_2

If you have questions about this request etc. please contact

Thank you very much for your help.

(*) Following the incubator rules the repo should be named "incubator-lenya", 
but there was a positive vote on general@incubator, 
that Lenya will go TLP, but no summary, yet. 

Thus we also did not a resolution for ASF Board, yet. 
However, maybe it is better to name our subversion module


in regard to exiting incubation soon and to avoid another request to rename the repo later.


Rolf Kulemann

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