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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Graduate Geronimo from Incubator and recommend as top-level project
Date Fri, 21 May 2004 03:49:08 GMT
> I believe the Geronimo project has satisfied the requirements
> of the Apache Incubation process

That would also be my impression from active observation and discussion with
the project since its inception.  I know that others have closely observed
Geronimo's progress, and we'll see if they concur.  After the last couple of
votes, I've made sure to review the STATUS file, and it appears up to date.

> I believe that the Incubator PMC, on behalf of the Geronimo PPMC
> and the entire Geronimo community, should recommend to the
> Apache Board of Directors to make the Geronimo project a top-level
> Apache project.

> If this pleases the chair of the Incubator PMC

*I* know that you're just having fun, but that phrase really sets the wrong
tone for an organization of peers, and I wouldn't want anyone to perceive it
as having any relationship to reality.

 [X] +1 - The Geronimo project has met the requirements
          for incubation and will be recommended to the
          board for TLP status

 [ ] -1 - The Geronimo project as not met the requirements
          for incubation

I believe that you've put this properly.  The Incubator will recommend to
the Board.  Geronimo will remain under the auspices of the Incubator until
such time as the Board creates a new TLP.  That means, guys, that if the
Geronimo PPMC expects the Board to act on this recommendation next week, it
will need to get ready.  I suggest that everything be ready by Monday night
at the latest.

> This vote will run ~72 hours, closing at 23:59 EDT, Sunday May 23, 2004.

	--- Noel

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