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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: TLPs, Incubation, and the Board (was RE: [PROPOSAL] Beehive)
Date Sat, 22 May 2004 02:31:23 GMT

> I really like the PPMC concept.

So do I.  I really makes things work much better with fewer rules than all
of the prior approaches.

> To get the most out of a PPMC, I think the Podling should, if at all
> possible, know what TLP it is destined for or if it is expected to
> become a TLP itself.

Perhaps, but we've long ago determined that it is not necessary, and we've
had cases where the anticipated destination turned out not to be the
eventual one.

> Therefore, I suggest that we treat potential TLPs the same
> as all other projects with one exception: the Board still
> needs to vote for the TLP resolution upon exiting incubation

Well, that is the case, isn't it?  The differences are whether or not
another PMC requests that the Incubator accept the podling, and whom is on
the PPMC.

> Like other projects, potential TLPs could either start with a
> Sponsor or use the Incubator as a temporary Sponsor (especially
> since waiting for the Board to agree to sponsor means getting
> tied to a monthly meeting schedule).

I think there are some mis-understandings.  Our documentation seriously lags
reality (volunteers to help would be appreciated), but even so, AFAIK, you
*never* needed to go to the Board before proposing entry to the Incubator.
Directors might be interested, but the issue of where the podling will go is
not a prerequisite for Incubation.

If a PMC requests Incubation of a project, which would be expected to
graduate to that PMC (but consider Pluto for an example of why that might
not end up happening), the Incubator will accept that project, and will work
with that PMC to Incubate it.  That PMC would have already voted on the

Otherwise, the Incubator would vote to accept a project, as it has done for
the Beehive project.  In that case, we would want to see sponsorship from a
Member or other ASF Officer.  The reason being that we'll want to see them
on your PPMC list.  When we vote to accept the project, we are (unless
otherwise raised as an issue) voting to expand the Incubator PMC.  Craig,
for example, would be considered an Incubator PMC member.

Once we have accepted a project, we establish its PPMC (a subset of which is
the Incubator PMC), and manage the project accordingly.

FWIW, Directory is expected to be a TLP, and I'm unclear of what is
happening with AltRMI.  I'm not sure if it is stagnant or not, and need to
get in touch with all of the projects, probably in June, to ascertain their
current STATUS.

	--- Noel

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