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From "Cliff Schmidt" <>
Subject RE: [VOTE][RESULT] Release of incubating-xmlbeans-1.0.2
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 06:59:30 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote on Tuesday, May 11, 2004 8:54 PM:

> Cliff,
>>> Please cast your vote for the release of xmlbeans v 1.0.2,
>>> as it currently exists on
> You should not be staging releases in  Nothing
> should be put there until AFTER it is a an approved, signed, release.
> As soon as files are located under dist/, they are archived and
> migrated out to 100s of mirror servers.  [ref:
> Please use for interim builds.

That's good to know.  We'll do that in the future -- it's a little
late for the 1.0.2 release since the vote of the PPMC has already

The thought was that it was okay to stage the candidate release on while voting on it, but not link to it from any 
web page until the vote passed.  However, I guess there might be 
people browsing around the site who could find 
it during the vote, before it was official.  So the 
server makes a lot of sense.  We should get that into some docs on 
doing releases in the incubator -- forgive me if it's already written 
somewhere; I wasn't aware of it if it is.

> Other than that, it appears that you've gone about doing things
> appropriately.  How close do you feel XMLBeans is to graduation?

We've actually been discussing that topic on the xmlbeans-dev list
in the last 24 hours.  We've completed every item on our exit 
criteria (,

which includes the requirement of three or more independent 
committers.  However, the current Incubator Policies document
more specifically requires that the project also have no more than
50% of its committers from any one organization.  This is the 
final requirement that the project would need to meet before 
graduating.  I expect that we will meet this criterion prior
to the next incubator status report (due mid-July?).

Robert Burrell Donkin also recently brought up the point that 
XMLBeans may want to determine if it should follow the majority
of the sizeable subprojects within the XML project by becoming
a TLP within the "XML federation".  (See
He suggests that if we were to decide on this, we might want
to work out those details before leaving the Incubator, which
I agree with.  I assume this would include further using our PPMC
(which we set up in February) and establishing a proposed charter
for the new TLP.  

In summary, the XMLBeans project needs to finish balancing its
committer diversity ratio and work out the details for a new 
TLP.  I am confident we can do both of these items in the next 
two months.

Any feedback/guidance about this plan would be appreciated.


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