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From Geir Magnusson Jr <>
Subject [NOTICE] Geronimo as TLP
Date Thu, 20 May 2004 02:27:50 GMT

The Geronimo team will be working over the next week to try to become 
an Apache top-level project. We would like all members of the 
community, including all interested Incubator PMC members, to 
participate in this process.  We plan to do the following, in parallel:

1) Have a PPMC vote for graduation of the Geronimo project from 
incubation and be proposed to the Apache Board as a TLP.  Specifically, 
we are looking to see if, in the opinion of the  Geronimo PPMC (which 
includes the Incubator PMC), that the Geronimo community :

    o  does collaborative development according to the ASF's
       philosophy and guidelines

    o  has a codebase that is properly licensed, has clear
       provenance, and conforms to the ASF's legal requirements
       for contributions

    o  should be recommended to the board as a top-level project

I propose that we initiate the vote tomorrow evening on the Geronimo 
PPMC list after discussing any feedback and resolving any concerns.

2) Work as a community to create a proposal for the board and a 
supporting charter ready by 0500 GMT, Tuesday May 25th (monday midnight 
my time :)  in order to give the board time to add to their agenda for 
Wednesday, May 26th.  This proposal will, upon a successful 
'graduation' vote by the PPMC, be submitted to the board as the formal 
proposal for creation of an Apache top-level project.  The proposal 
will be of the conventional ASF format and detail :

    o  The basic purpose and scope of the top-level Apache Geronimo

    o  The initial PMC

    o  The names of one or more individuals that we recommend to be
       the PMC chair

The supporting charter document will be additional details about the 
project that were not appropriate for the board proposal.  This charter 
will be referenced by the board proposal.  I will start both the 
proposal and charter work tomorrow  with a 'seed' for each as two 
separate threads on the geronimo-dev mail list.



Geir Magnusson Jr                                   203-247-1713(m)

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