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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Overall status of incubating projects
Date Mon, 31 May 2004 11:15:59 GMT

The following lists provides my understanding (based on the "projects" 
page on of when the last status update was. 
Projects with a ** have gone more than 3 months without any kind of 
update.  "No Report" means that the project *appears* (according to the 
status file) never to have issued a report to the Incubator PMC.  I'm 
not sure it's accurate, but I'm just reporting based on the STATUS page.

This started off from a comment from Noel, but I'd also be kinda 
interested in whether any of these projects can be graduated and/or shut 

*AltRMI             30 Oct 2003 (No report)
*Axion              19 Dec 2003 (No report)
*Directory          20 Jan 2004
*FtpServer          30 Oct 2003 (No report)
Geronimo            N/A - Graduated (probably needs to be documented)
JuiCE               20 April 2004
*Lenya              20 Jan 2004
*Log4net            15 Jan 2004
Pluto               N/A - Graduated
*Depot              20 Dec 2003
SpamAssassin        22 April 2004
WSRP4J              April 2004 (From CVS logs, date in file is 2004-10-)
XMLBeans            20 April 2004

I thought Log4cxx was also under incubation?

Are there any others?


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