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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: contributions and CLAs
Date Thu, 06 May 2004 11:28:22 GMT
Justin Mason wrote:
> Hi incubator folks --
> I'm one of the PMC and devs on the SpamAssassin project.
> As we build up towards our first ASF release, we have a few contributions
> from non-committers in our bugzilla that are ready to be applied, once we
> know that the submitter's CLA status allows that.  What is the correct
> procedure here?
> Should we ask the ASF for details regarding the contributor's CLA? Or
> should we take an email/bugzilla assertion from the contributor that the
> CLA has been sent, as enough?  
> I'd tend towards the former, myself ;)

CLAs are not required for each bug fix.  They are required for 
substantial contributors over a period of time, i.e., committers.

The names on the following list that are in italics are the committers 
who have signed CLAs on file:

The names that are *not* in italics have had their commit privs 
suspended pending receipt of a CLA.

- Sam Ruby

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