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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject [STATUS REPORT] Apache Directory Project
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 20:33:04 GMT

This is in response to Noel's cue for the April status report.  Hope it

> The Incubator project board report is due next week, as the board meeting
> should take place on Wed, 21 April 2004, 10am Pacific [1].

Status report for the Incubator

* The status file is NOT up to date.  I will add the extra details
  concerning Alan Cabrera's joining and the adoption of RMS shortly.

* We still have a dependency on Snacc4J which is being worked on as 
  we speak.  This dependency is the only one holding the project in 
  the incubator for the time being.  We expect have this resolved 
  before another status report or two at the most.

* Since the last report the following has happened:
  - Alan Cabrera from Geronimo joined the team
  - added the RMS subproject which will work closely with Janus
  - skeletal frontend completed - it replies 'Busy' to all requests
  - cleaned up builds
  - created multiple JIRA projects one for each subproject
  - got website up to date
  - all projects are nicely progressing towards maturity

* Within the next period we hope to:
  - remove the snacc4j dependency completely
  - prepare for exiting the incubator
  - take on 1-2 more contributors and bring them up to speed

* Recommendations for smoother incubation:
  - At this point we have some questions concerning the graduation 
    from the incubator.  I think we're the first project that will 
    become a TLP to graduate.  Perhaps Geronimo may do it first 
    then we have a model to emulate.  But in case that does not 
    happen we would like to have an idea of the steps involved so
    we're poised for a graceful exit.

Alex Karasulu

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