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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Graduate jUDDI from the Apache Incubator
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 01:14:18 GMT

I think we can entrust jUDDI to the WS PMC.  But I have one action item for
you, and a bit of information for which you'd been looking.

In the thread that you referenced regarding removing the BCL jars from CVS,
you mentioned difficulting locating a download location for
jdbc2_0-stdext.jar.  The URL you want is

The removed jars were still in the CVS Attic.  I apologize, but I had
forgotten how we are handling these situations.  I just checked my e-mail
archives for it.  The current policy is:

 - infrastructure gets asked by PMC to remove the file
 - File is moved to the Secretary.
   - Secretary reports this to board.
   - Board may decide to have it removed anyway.
 - File is replaced by a notice:
      $FILE removed $DATE
      MD5 of $FILE was md5($FILE)
      MD5 of $FILE,v was md5($FILE)
      <cut-and-paste from PMC email/>
      Please contact board@ for more information.
 - 'cvs commit', 'cvs delete', 'cvs commit' is carried
   out; so the notice gets moved to the attic.

I have gone ahead and done most of this for you.  I computed all of the MD5
values, tared and removed the files, and sent an e-mail to the ASF
Secretary.  Would you please take care of the notices, using the MD5 data
which are paired up below my signature?  Just create the notice for each
file, add it, commit it, remove it, commit the remove.

Thanks.  And congratulations.  :-)

	--- Noel

  MD5 (jaxrpc.jar) = e803833dc10029264003be359b19fb74
  MD5 (jaxrpc.jar,v) = c0e266694b2483368c77c6df8346e3eb

  MD5 (jce.jar) = 78eb684f3a56857fa80688617f155f1c
  MD5 (jce.jar,v) = 11ac0c190410895b6fca7dff8d84a401

  MD5 (jdbc2_0-stdext.jar) = 9663aaefec34d82ad952f9753143c191
  MD5 (jdbc2_0-stdext.jar,v) = 338b116145523d0d0e6e9b85273bdedb

  MD5 (junit.jar) = 1f40fb782a4f2cf78f161d32670f7a3a
  MD5 (junit.jar,v) = 1f2115036a857b19c5eafb0308d99829

  MD5 (junit.LICENSE.html) = 67a4b75d42edcbd82d2878eba913691b
  MD5 (junit.LICENSE.html,v) = c95bc7604c99a5dcaf1878ddf59d593e

  MD5 (saaj.jar) = 6feffd79bccd82deb5334b8dbfaa3dc4
  MD5 (saaj.jar,v) = 852dd68d778764c093e651fc90eb73f9

  MD5 (servlet.jar) = e464fc7c8df0648ee7f7d53470de023b
  MD5 (servlet.jar,v) = af8f8dc8289a534929307a6bf8bcc3c8

  MD5 (uddi4j.jar) = 53f51404a0350b65647ba9b6fc23b924
  MD5 (uddi4j.jar,v) = 373a19a2a6d84bb8dec3cf9cd982acb5

  MD5 (uddi4j.LICENSE.html) = 604cbe18a6cce79353d34e835ed4f925
  MD5 (uddi4j.LICENSE.html,v) = e9cea0e5abeacf7dff2a64886f5cd6e8

  MD5 (xmlsec.jar) = 774f4ee5889b090466197b90c5b2242f
  MD5 (xmlsec.jar,v) = 98425bba55836a0a6e6c4bde21b7aed6

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