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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [Vote]: ASP.NET support for httpd project?
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 06:19:17 GMT
>>I have no problem with the idea of supporting mod_cli, to coin a vendor
>>independent name, but please review:
>>in depth, specifically the "Two Stacks" section.  My concern is related to
>>the impact of Microsoft IP on whatver portion(s) of the proposed project
> led me to
> on to
> and this.

Yes.  However, I don't believe that RAND is compatible with the ASF License.
A patent license must be free, not "reasonable", to be ASF compatible, AIUI.
And Rotor is clearly not useful from our perspective for the same reasons.

In any event, that just covers CLI and C#, which I think we had assumed were
at least somewhat safe if anything in that technology is safe.  ASP.NET,
though, is in the red zone on Mono's chart.

One question that I don't believe Mono has taken seriously enough is whether
Microsoft encumbered anyone else from using XSLT, XPath and SOAP patent-free
on a CLI platform.  If so, that would very seriously effect the usability of
CLI other than on .NET.  It would not be the first time standards bodies
have been duped by Microsoft.  Bruce Perens has said that "Microsoft is
being careful to patent every aspect of APIs related to .NET.  It's
preventing the open-source community from being involved in this area."
ref:  Not sure if any
of that effects the narrow scope of this project.

In any event, you understand and are concerned about the issues.  I'm sure
they will be addressed during Incubation, and hopefully we'll have good
guidance on them by then.

Since the HTTP PMC has voted to request Incubation, we just need to setup
the project's infrastructure.  I'll get the mailing list setup, and we can
do the rest when you need it.

	--- Noel

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