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From "Berin Lautenbach" <>
Subject Re: Project Documentation
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 06:17:14 GMT

Moved to general (per your suggestion :>),

>> ROFL - A chance for my favourite hobby horse!  Where is the charter
>> for the Incubator?   I started one some time back
>> But could never really get any traction or interest.
> A lot of discussion happened on various subjects without the web site
> getting updated.  I figure that people got a bit burnt out on some of
> the discussion, and "distracted" by important things.  And we did get
> some of the most important things done, such as establishing the PPMC
> concept, and seeing smoother operation of our projects.  The Geronimo
> community is happier, the SpamAssassin folks are happy, Directory has
> been moving along, some projects have graduated, etc.

I agree.  I have seen some incredibly positive things in the incubator
over the last six months.  Interestingly, we are not always following what
is documented in the policy and standards documents - maybe this is a time
to review those documents and reflect on whether what we are doing is
better than what we planned to do or vici versa.  If the former, then we
should update the documentation to reflect reality.
> Re-publishing the site is a bit of an obstacle, which is why I'd like
> to see us get Forrest installed on minotaur so that we can kick off
> rebuilds.  But with the assumption that we can easily rebuild and
> publish the site, would you mind coordinating what needs to be done
> updating our site docs?

Yup - it might take me a few days to get to it, but I will see what I can do.

On the subject of forrest on Minotaur - I'd *love* to see this happen.  I
use forrest for some web sites of my own, and have built some scripts to
do a CVS checkout hourly of a particular site's source files and then call
forrest if any source files have changed.  So I'm also happy to look at
that.  I have been wary in the past, because the preference from
infrastructure@ has (reasonably enough) been to have the built site in CVS
so that if minotaur crashes they can quickly get sites back online.
> I didn't post to general@ because I would not unilaterially move your
> comments to public view.  Feel free to move your reply to general@.

Done :>.


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