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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Fwd: [Vote]: ASP.NET support for httpd project?
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2004 18:36:39 GMT
Incubator folks,

this submission was voted in with all +1's from the httpd pmc, for incubation.
I see the final list as dotnet-dev@httpd - can that list be used for the initial
vetting as well?

 From this point in the incubator I'm not sure of the process flow - help is
greatly appreciated.


>I have placed the candidate for submission in 
>and would like the httpd PMC to vote to accept this sub-project for incubation.
>Which means it doesn't go to httpd yet - but is submitted to the incubator 
>committee.  Jim Jagielski, ASF secretary, is in receipt of the signed code 
>grant from Covalent (and my belated Contributor's Agreement v. 3.1.)
>I would be happy to serve on the PMC, perhaps lead it if the PMC chooses,
>and Daniel Lopez has also volunteered to serve on that PMC.  Sterling Hughes
>is also busy as everyone, but expressed positive reaction and will be invited to
>the PMC.  JimJag also offered to me on the phone to help incubate.  However, 
>because I/my company have submitted this code, I'd ask for another PMC 
>member to act as the shepherd of the project to ensure that the submission 
>is treated vendor neutral.
>The subproject would be tasked to:
>  Support httpd server interfaces to ECMA-335 / ISO/IEC 23271 (CLI) languages,
>  known to Microsoft users as .NET, and solicit the support of CLI implementors
>  to support a wide range of CLI bindings.
>The initial code contribution would consist of:
>  Support the Microsoft ASP.NET System.Web.Hosting interface from 
>  within the Apache httpd server (Windows platform port).
>Later code could include support for the ASP.NET interface from Mono, and
>ultimately support an Apache.Web.Hosting interface with complete bindings
>into the Apache httpd Web Server 2.0 - supporting an array of platforms.
>Votes, comments and volunteers appreciated :)
>At 03:52 PM 2/3/2004, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
>>I'm sending this out as a feeler to discover how large a community one of two
>>proposals might have for incubation, and eventual incorporation as subprojects
>>of the httpd top-level project.
>>First proposal, I'm in the process of ensuring that all of the I's are dotted and
>>T's are crossed to offer the module developed by Covalent to
>>the ASF.  Important details;  this runs in-process within httpd/win32 only,
>>and invokes the Microsoft.NET implementation of System.Web.Hosting
>>to support the ASP.NET framework.
>>Additional proposal, I'd like to investigate extending an invitation to the crew
>>of mod_mono, if they would have it, to make such an Apache mod_net 
>>implementation pluggable with different front and back ends, much like the
>>Tomcat connector project.  In fact, rather than the ASP_NET plugin, one
>>alternative would use the Tomcat connector, itself, rather than inventing
>>the wheel.  I'm led to believe that it's what mod_mono already does.
>>But another server front-end plugin could allow Mono to run in-process, 
>>as well, much as the Covalent implementation has.
>>The back-end plugin would extend whatever support is necessary for either
>>Microsoft.NET, Mono, or whichever .NET framework would host the module.
>>Note that front-ends run as platform native code, while back-ends run within
>>the .NET CLR runtime.
>>What would be *most* cool, and was the original plan (never realized) for
>>mod_mono, would be true httpd module creation al la mod_perl.  This would
>>certainly have to be the in-process flavor, not the out of process extension
>>such as a Tomcat connector.  Perhaps different front-end stubs would allow
>>us a single back-end .NET framework design for any .NET implementation.
>>So just a straw poll, who would be actively interested in participating in an
>>ASF-hosted ASP.NET implementation, first for win32, and secondly for all
>>platforms e.g. mod_mono revisited, as an ASF entity?  If you are answering
>>*hell ya* - I expect to add your name to the proposal for incubation, so be
>>careful what you ask for :)

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