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From Patrick Calahan <>
Subject Re: moving JAM to org.apache.jam
Date Sat, 27 Mar 2004 02:05:15 GMT
At 12:38 AM 3/27/2004 +0100, Leo Simons wrote:
>Noel J. Bergman wrote: [comments on stuff about JAM by Patrick Calahan]

Hi Leo.  Thanks for taking time to respond.

>it would be so cool if you (Patrick) and Leo Sutic (the guy who wrote the 
>current commons-sandbox-attributes) could get together and merge these two 
>codebases (commons-attributes has some strengths that jam seems to lack, 
>like being smaller and having what seems like a cleaner and easier runtime 
>API, and vice versa the same is true of course) into a new de facto standard.

Ok.  I will take a look at commons-attributes and drop Leo a line.

>Though I can't commit time to help coding right now, I'll volunteer to 
>otherwise help you out with a quick progression through whatever process 
>into whatever final destination. As to destination, jakarta-commons seems a

That would be great.  Since I'm not very familiar with these processes, any 
help you can give me in this area would be invaluable.

>natural choice to me. As to process, if jakarta-commons wants the code, 
>you have a CLA on file, and the code was

Right, that's what I was guessing as well.

>developed completely within an ASF repo @ xmlbeans, I don't think we need 
>to have this go through incubation. It would just be up to jakarta-commons 
>to accept it. The package name then would probably become 
>org.apache.commons.meta or something like that.

Sounds good.  Thanks again.


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