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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Incubator Status Report: Axion
Date Sat, 07 Feb 2004 06:08:58 GMT
Rodney Waldhoff wrote:

> Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> > Make sure that all of the contributors to the code submit the
> > signed documents (  I know that at
> > some have not yet done so.  There should be information in the STATUS

> As noted in the (axion.xml) status file, the axion commiters have voted
> (in public email) in favor of a move to apache.

Yes, but everyone continuing to work on the project needs to provide a
signed CLA.  Or, if a contributor is not going to continue working on the
project, a Software Grant.

> > For example, when the Directory project came in, all of the contributors
> > agreed in public e-mail to Alex Karasulu sign a Software Grant on behalf
> > the LDAPd Group, and then each one submitted a signed CLA.

> Is there additional paperwork required other than the submission
> of a signed CLA?

IANAL, and this really should be settled once and for all by the Board if
there are any qustions, but as I understand it we need a CLA for any entity
who will continue contributing to the code, and a Software Grant for any
entity that has an authorship right in the code being donated.  I suppose it
could be argued that just because one has a signed CLA with the ASF does not
mean that rights to other code developed elsewhere by the same author is
granted unless contributed by that author, and therefore a Software Grant is
necessary.  Whether that is strictly necessary, I don't know, but projects
have been doing so to cover the bases.

Again, IANAL, but in lieu of an informed declaration to the contrary, I
suggest that we would spend more time discussing it than it takes to have
each person FAX in two documents.

	--- Noel

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