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From "Martin Cooper" <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] (incubator) Wed Jan 14 23:45:31 EST 2004
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 18:47:19 GMT

"Noel J. Bergman" <> wrote in message
> Martin Cooper wrote:
> > RoUS wrote in the Incubator STATUS report:
> > > o We need to be very very clear about what it takes for a podling
> > >   to graduate from the incubator.  The basic requirements obviously
> > >   include: has a home, either as part of another ASF project or as
> > >   a new top-level project of its own; needs to be a credit to the
> > >   ASF and function well in the ASF framework; ...
> > On the one hand, we still appear to have this as a pending issue.
> What pending issue?

If you'll look a bit further up in my original message, above what you've
quoted here, you'll see the heading "Pending Issues". In other words, "We
need to be very very clear about what it takes for a podling to graduate" is
listed as a Pending Issue, but we seem to be in the process of graduating a
podling anyway. I find that a bit odd.

Martin Cooper

> > On the other hand, we have everyone apparently voting +1 to graduate
> > MerlinDeveloper. Am I alone in feeling that this is a little odd?
> MerlinDeveloper is an externally developed codebase that is not only going
> into an existing TLP, it is being merged into an existing effort within
> project.  The single external developer has already been participating in
> the community, and was just voted Committer status.  The rest of the
> working on this effort are already Avalon Committers, and just need
> permission to import the code.
> Do you see a problem that has been overlooked?
> --- Noel

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