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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: [RT] How to graduate
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 19:48:08 GMT
> The Actual Graduation Procedure
> -------------------------------
> The important formal part is that the Incubator PMC votes (which 
> happens according to the 'standard' apache policy of simple majority 
> on non-technical votes, a roughly 72 hour voting period unless someone 
> requests otherwise, etc; the vote is done on the general@incubator 
> list and non-PMC members are welcome to express their opinion) on the 
> project graduation.
> Once the vote passes, tally the result, move the status file to the 
> succes subdirectory, update links, update website, post a vote 
> summary, announce the happy news to the appropriate lists, notify the 
> appropriate pmc, take care of any infrastructural things that need to 
> happen (subdomain config for a TLP, for example), and do other things 
> that need doing (if you don't know what those are, see above).

Agree with like 99% of it. I think, however, that the input of the PMC
that the podling will be graduating to is also important... Are they,
in fact, ready to accept them at that time?

So I see it as:

     1. podlings decide they are ready to graduate.
     2. Incubator PMC votes on that.
     3. If successful, Incubator informs PMC (or board, if TLP)
        that podling is ready to graduate and awaits formal
        acceptance of such from that PMC (or board).

#3 is an important check-off point, I think. The Incubator
basically gives away the bride :)

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