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From "David Remy" <>
Subject RE: [RT] Learning from the facts ( Re: Undermining the Incubator )
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 20:34:29 GMT
> Perhaps a practical solution here is to strongly encourage mature
> projects to remain entirely outside the Apache infrastructure during
> this period. That allows them to continue functioning as a mature
> project, and not in any way be hindered by the move until such time as
> there is a recognizable benefit to moving.

I assume the xmlbeans project would an example of a mature project moving into incubation.
 From my perspective the incubation period IN apache has been critical.  Getting the source
into apache, the licensing, the website, the build processes, the apache community norms,
establishing the community in apache, etc all needed to be done for us and IMO going into
apache as a project provided a focus that would not have been possible outside.  I would think
many *mature* projects would need this time to figure things out, get help from the incubator
team, and them move over into the appropriate part of apache.


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