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From (Justin Mason)
Subject Re: Request for graduation
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 00:12:17 GMT
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Berin Lautenbach writes:
> > On Thu, 2004-01-22 at 01:15, Malte S. Stretz wrote:
> >> Where do I find that module? At least via anoncvs I can't find it and
> >> (I  think) I have only SVN and no CVS access.
> >
> > Crap.  Ok, just for the record, the SA guys have been ginea pigs with
> > respect to SVN only accounts.  It looks like it's too early in the game
> > for that, so I propose we create the matching unix accounts aswell.
> > We'll repeat the experiment when we have more services in place and
> > more projects in SVN (and at least the committers module).
> >
> > This will allow them to update the status file in Incubator, aswell as
> > access the committer CVS module.
> Eminently sensible whilst there are modules in CVS that need to be
> accessed by all committers.  There are also things like access to web
> sites for updates etc. that I would have thought unix accounts would be
> useful for?

Yes, they will be.   I was planning to ask about that once we got
to the stage of migrating the website over ;)

- --j.
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