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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Request for graduation
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 10:41:28 GMT


with the approval of the other committers and our mentor (Dims), I
am asking for graduation of the JaxMe project to

Below you'll find:

* A list of open issues. We consider them as sufficiently
  unimportant for graduation.
* A history of what we did, as relevant for the incubation. See
  also the JaxMe status file on*checkout*/incubator/site/projects/jaxme.cwiki?content-type=text%2Fplain

Open issues:

* Noel J. Bergman has pointed out, that we should change the
  layout of the "dist" directory slightly. We will do so with
  the next release. See

* We are using hsqldb.jar as a part of the test suite. hsqldb.jar is
  not in the CVS, nor is it a part of source or binary distribution.

  The status of hsqldb.jar is open for us, as there seems to be
  uncertainty even within general@incubator. See

* The developers PGP keys aren't part of any web of trust. Mainly an
  issue of physical separation between the developers.

JaxMe history in incubator:

2003-09-23  Mailing list is available.

2003-09-23  Initial checkin of the whole source tree.
            All Java source files had the proper header with
            the ASF, package names had been changed to
   and below.


            Copyright is assigned to the ASF. (Had a BSD license
            anyways.) See*checkout*/jaxme/JaxMe2/docs/Design.html?content-type=text%2Fplain&rev=1.6

            CLA's of the developers are on file.

2003-09-24  JaxMe product is up on Bugzilla. See

2003-10-08  Proper LICENSE files have been attached to all jar
            files. See

2003-10-21  Integration into Gump is working. See

2003-10-22  New committer (Ias) accepted by vote.

2003-11-05  Active work is ongoing to integrate a first part of JaxMe
            (the XML Schema Parser) into Axis. See

2003-11-06  First public snapshot available under the Incubator hat.

            The snapshot is available on
   . MD5 keys
            and gpg signatures are added.

2003-11-20  Besides Eyebrowse, another mailing list archive is available
            at See

2003-12-15  Status file is in active maintenance. See

2003-12-17  JAXB TCK will be available for JaxMe. (We're far away
            from compliance to the whole specification, but at least
            we'll know how much. :-)

2003-12-20  The name "JaxMe" was checked against trademark issues. See

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