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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: projects incubated by the incubator PMC
Date Sun, 07 Dec 2003 18:06:30 GMT

The short answer is that knowledge of the final destination is not a
pre-requisite for entrance into the Incubator.  The minimum requirement for
entrance is sponsorship by a Member or Officer, and acceptance by the
Incubator PMC.

I've no particular care about where AltRMI or FtpServer end up, and can
think of several suitable places for each.

It seems that there is a community interested in collaborating on Ruper.
With respect to where it could go, I don't know enough about it, yet, but I
could imagine a project containing Ant, GUMP and Ruper.  As I said to you
last night, my personal preference is for multiple communities investing
resources in the same problem domain to find a way to collaborate and merge
their efforts.  For example, I would like to see our container projects,
such as HiveMind, Avalon, and the Geronimo kernel, find ways to collaborate.
Similarly for Ant/Forrest/Gump/Centipede/Ruper and Maven/Continuum/Wagon.
Why?  In my view, collaboration is more effective, because people have a
chance to combine their ideas and efforts.  But, I don't know that we can do
more than encourage people to collaborate.

Geronimo and Directory are both intended to be top-level projects.  Their
exit requirements will include their ability to operate as such, as well as
demonstrate the responsibility and trustworthiness that is a necessary
condition for a top-level project.  The phrase "going directly to TLP" is
misleading, since those projects are in the Incubator, and won't exit until
they are ready.  Your comment implies that you feel that they should go from
the Incubator to someplace else, e.g., Jakarta, and then graduate again to
TLP status.  I believe that sticking more large projects into umbrellas
would be counterproductive.

There is a proposal that for projects intended to go under an existing PMC,
the Incubator's primary involvement would be ensuring that IP issues are
resolved before the project's incubation status could be cleared, and the
other PMC would be responsible for Community Building and teaching "The
Apache Way."  But for new projects included to stand on their own, the
Incubator would be responsible for the Community issues.

	--- Noel

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