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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Exiting Incubation - Status Check
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 07:15:51 GMT
Jochen Wiedmann asked:

>  * No non ASL or ASL compatbile dependencies in the code base

>  In the case of JaxMe, there are several unit tests, which
>  depend on hsqldb.

I don't know off-hand, so I'll ask you: isn't hsqldb's license BSD-style?
What makes it incompatible?

> hsqldb is required to build the sources.

Why is hsqldb required to compile the code?  Is the code not using JDBC?

> * Check of project name for trademark issues

>   How do I do that?

I'd suggest google and trademark databases.

> In particular, how do I record that I have checked and found no issues?

The project's STATUS file
which needs updating.

> *When* do I check?

As soon as you can.

> * Demonstrate an active and diverse development community

> Who can give me a clue whether the community is supposed
> to be sufficiently "active and diverse"?

Does any one organization control the project?  How diverse is the

> * Demonstrate ability to tolerate and resolve conflict within the

Conflict != tantrum.  :-)  Has there never been a disagreement, a debate
over something?

> * Developers tied into ASF PGP web of trust

Have the developers generated PGP keys and started to get signed into the
web of trust?

>  I do not know what is required to conform to this part.

Don't feel badly.  :-)  This is something we're trying to work out
throughout the ASF, and we recognize that not everyone is conveniently
located to each other.

> For the record, I would like to note, that IMO the other requirements
> are fulfilled by JaxMe.

Speaking of the record, the status file is the place to record such things.

Sounds good all around, from what you are saying.  Dims, who has
participated in your project, will have the best idea.

	--- Noel

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