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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [RT] Incubator Reorg
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 16:41:43 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:
> I, in turn, think that some have interpreted the Incubator's
> mandate too broadly.

Then lets get the mandate clarified and/or our shared understanding of it.

> No question on having the incubator "vette" the clear title.  I actively
> support that role for the incubator on all contributions.

OK.  We agree, and that was my understanding of the mandate with respect to

> > The only point of difference appears to be the importing of
> > sub-projects.  As I understand it, the Board has said that
> > the existing PMCs are not to self-incubate incoming codebases.

> Can you provide a reference?  Remember, I was there.  ;-)

And I wasn't :-), but I'm still exploring how what I said is different from
what you said.  Therein may be the clarification.

> I still believe that there is a semantic gap between how I am using the
> term project and how you are using the term project.

And I said that the Incubator has to be involved with the importing of a
"sub-project", by which I refer to a new codebase.  Since you said that you
"actively support [having the incubator vette the clear title] on all
contributions", we seem to agree on that point.

> The board does not formally recognize the existance of subprojects in
> any way.

Hmmm ... I am beginning to wonder about the semantic gap.  For a new
"sub-project", e.g., a Lenya under Cocoon, we both agree that the Incubator
is responsible to vette the clear title.  Are you saying that the primary
responsibility for Community building should come from the Cocoon PMC?

If so, then I think that the PPMC concept still provides the structure.  The
PPMC would still be the Cocoon PMC (focusing on community), the Incubator
PMC (focusing on clear title), and the Lenya codebase's committers.

> I do think that the PPMC proposal, once defined and refined,
> will address my concerns nicely.


	--- Noel

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