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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [RT] Incubator Reorg
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 14:49:35 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:

> Suppose somebody new contributes 1K lines of quality code a week to
> Maven over the course of a year... and is voted in as a comitter.
> Clearly a CLA is required, but does a PPMC need to be created or
> does the incubator need to be involved?

Of course not, as you well know.  He is contributing to an existing ASF
codebase.  I assume that this is rhetorical to setup your argument.  :-)

> Suppose I write 50K lines of code and it lives on sourceforge for a
> year.  Maven takes a liking to it and I contribute it (and in the
> process am made a committer).  Clearly a software grant is required,
> but is a PPMC needed or does the incubator need to be involved?

As I understand the Board's creation of the Incubator, yes.  Any incoming
codebase must go through the Incubator.  I do think that some projects may
be spending too much time in the Incubator, though.  Not pointing figuers,
just wondering why some of them haven't completed the necessary steps to

> Mix scenarios 1&2.  Somebody new to the ASF writes the code on
> sourceforge, wishes to donate it to an existing and vibrant
> community, signs both a CLA and a code grant.  PPMC?  Incubator?

Is this a new project, or a large set of patches for an existing one?  If it
is a new sub-project, it has to go through the Incubator.  If it is just a
set of patches to be applied into an existing codebase, I don't think that
you could bring it "into" the incubator, but we still have an issue in terms
of making sure that we have clear title to the code.

> My presumption is that existing, healthy communities can be presumed to
> make incremental increases in the number of committers without requiring
> the incubator to be involved


> But I *would* like the incubator to be involved with all code grants and
> with the formation of all new PMCs (by that I mean truly new, not merely
> ones formed by bifircation).

> Does this make sense?

Yes.  The only point of difference appears to be the importing of
sub-projects.  As I understand it, the Board has said that the existing PMCs
are not to self-incubate incoming codebases.  And we should agree that the
Incubator would be happy to release projects as soon as they are ready.

	--- Noel

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