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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [RESULT][VOTE] Re: request for incubation: axion database project
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2003 21:57:23 GMT
Martin Cooper:
> Noel J. Bergman:
> > I see RT used on a few lists, I don't consider RT to convey a useful
> > semantic.

> The first time I saw RT was in a message from Sam (Ruby) on the Gump list,
> where he expanded it as "Random Thought", meaning something along the
> of "I just had an idea...".

But isn't that like the whole point of a new e-mail that isn't a reply?  :-)
I don't know about you, but when I see a message with a fresh new topic, I
figure someone has an idea to express, therefore making [RT] redundant, IMO.

	--- Noel

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