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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: PPMCs and oversight
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2003 13:39:15 GMT
Stephen McConnell wrote:

> Leo Simons wrote:
>> Berin Lautenbach wrote:
>>> Leo Simons wrote:
>>>>>> Absolutely!  A good test of maturity.  If the mentor is doing 
>>>>>> absolutely nothing and things are going well, then there is no 
>>>>>> need for a mentor and quite possibly no need for the project to 
>>>>>> be in incubation anymore.
>>>>> Exactly! 
>>>> So you are saying there should be a single liason for a project, and
>>>> at the same time an important goal for the project would be to stop
>>>> talking to/through this liason?
>>> When did liason come into this?
>> Steve introduced it a few messages back. 
> Umm - I talked about a "point-man"! 

Look at things from the other way round.  For all practical purposes you 
are the defacto point-man with respect to the Directory project.  From 
the point-of-view of people on the directory project you are the man 
they can turn to privaetly, ask questions, seek advice, and within which 
you can provide info based on experince, conections, contacts, etc. Your 
also someone that members of the PMC can turn to and say "hey Noel - how 
are things going on over on the directory project?".  That's possible 
because your defacto accountable.  What the role means is that members 
of the incubating project can count on you to do you stuff, just as 
members of the PMC can count on you to do your stuff - but lets imagine 
that conflicts in availble time arise and for some reason your out of 
commission for three months - well, heck - I can jump in do your that 
stuff - the point is that there is a liason, a go-between, a recognized 
"Apache" contact point for all parties - someone identified as the 
point-man.  Someone from Apache ready to say "yes" - I'm available and 
committed on both sides of the equation.

you called that point-man a liason. But let us not split hairs.

>>> I am confused as to what on earth oversite and assistance has to do 
>>> with liason?
>> Steve indicated that Noel was filling all three those roles. 
> Slow down Leo!
> You putting words into my mouth that were not there to start with. 

sorry for that; not my intention. I took the quote above to mean
that there's a person who handles oversight, assistance and
communication, and that Noel was filling that role for Directory.

Not meaning to offend anyone. But perhaps you can help
clear up my misunderstanding?


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