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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Re: PPMCs and oversight
Date Mon, 29 Dec 2003 10:45:06 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

>> The role of the incubator is to actively oversite projects coming on 
>> board.  Unless we have someone we can point to who is doing that 
>> active oversite and reporting any issues, then I believe we cannot (as 
>> easily) show oversite.
> Doesn't work this way. At work, I show that I have oversight if I know 
> what is going on and things go smoothly. To know what is going on we 
> have status reports (that I'll ask for very soon), and for the latter we 
> need more Mentors. Pointing fingers is not our goal, making things 
> actually be done instead is.

Not pointing fingers - identifying that there are people meeting a 

And I've found that status reports are never sufficient to show active 
oversite in a work situation.  If something goes pear shaped, and the 
first I know of it is in a report that comes every 3 months, things are 
not good.  I like to know there is someone handling a project/situation 
who will report back as soon as something comes up that I need to know 

> What we do need *identifiable* Mentors that we can reasonably assure are 
> following the project. For me, having them (auto)listed on this page [1] 
> is enough.

Yes - I think that is the compromise position (I'm not 100% comfortable, 
but then that's the definition of compromise :>).


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