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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Re: PPMCs and oversight
Date Sun, 28 Dec 2003 04:43:56 GMT
Aaron Bannert wrote:

> Why must it be one person? The entire Incubator PMC is responsible, so
> why should we limit this to one person?

Not saying there should be only one mentor (in fact I would argue 
against it).  But I do think it important to have *identified* mentors.

Having said that, I continue to maintain that having an identified 
single person as holding overall accountability for something (in this 
case the mentor role) is a good thing.  Makes things more likely to 
happen.  There can be other mentors as well, but there is one person for 
the Incubator PMC to go to.

(But I don't ever expect to win that last one :>)

> I think it's important that there are at least a couple Incubator PMC
> people subscribed to the PPMC mailing lists, but those people *are*
> the "Mentors". If a PPMC has an issue they should send an email and
> also cc: the mailing list.

No - IMO these people are *not* the mentors (or at least this alone does 
not make them so).  As a PMC member, I subscribe to PPMC lists to make 
sure I understand what is going on, and so that when a question comes up 
that needs input/oversite from the Incubator PMC then I can adequately 
do my part.

A mentor is a far more active role than that.  The mentors are supposed 
to be actively assisting the new project (not just the PPMC!) in getting 
into the ASF.

By saying that anyone from the Incubator PMC on the PPMC list is a 
mentor for that project, we are loosing sight of what a mentor is 
supposed to be.

Of course, being an incubator PMC member in a PPMC list does not 
preclude one also being a mentor, it's just that more is necessary.


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