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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Help!
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2003 05:12:21 GMT
Nicola/Noel et al,

I started playing with the PPMC text, just to wordsmith a tiny bit and 
flesh out a few things, and realised I don't understand the entire 
intent :>.

I had been seeing the PPMC as the "PMC to be" - so to speak.  I think 
that is the case for the projects that will become TLPs, so lets deal 
with that one first.

In this case, will all developers be on a PPMC?  I wouldn't think so - I 
would have thought it would be like a normal TLP, where those who are 
guiding the project (hopefully nearly all committers - but not 
necessarily) will be on the PMC.  As an individual, you have to show a 
committment to guiding the project before you become part of the PMC.

In the case where the project is to become a sub-project of a landing 
project, what is the PPMC for?  In this case, the PMC of the sponsoring 
project should pretty much be the PPMC, as there is an expectation of 
the board that the PMC of a project is actively involved and oversiting 
all its code bases.  So why not just make the PMC the PPMC, as all these 
people should be actively involved in incubation in any case?  (I.e. add 
people from the incubating code base into the project PMC if necessary.)

Otherwise, we have this thing called the PPMC that is going to be 
discarded completely when the sub-project gets to its landing PMC - in 
this case I'm not sure what the value is?

There is no point in having a "practice" (still hate that word :>) PMC 
if there is no purpose in the practice.

(I think I have missed something somewhere, so many apologies. - Either 
way, if someone explains it to me, I'll update the document to make sure 
it's clear for others in future :>.)


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