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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Re: PPMCs and oversight
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2003 03:59:55 GMT

No - I agree :>.

My comments about a mentor is nothing to do with Status files or the 
like.  It's all about having one formal link between the current ASF and 
the particular project in incubation.

In fact that person doing all the status reports etc. I would see as 
counterproductive, for all the reasons you detail below.  But they 
should be the person who kicks these things off and helps the PPMC 
ensure they start occuring.

The "formal mentor" is not even necessarily a development person, just 
someone who is assigned to assist the project get underway, and who is 
seen by the INcubator PMC as the person who should be ensuring 
everything is happening the way it should.

That is *not* the PPMC.  The purpose of the PPMC is to get a group in 
place that will become the PMC on maturation.  The mentor is the person 
guiding the PPMC in its role at the start and playing less of a role as 
time goes on.  But (IMO) you need someone to formally bootstrap the PPMC 
and ensure everything is going properly.


Noel J. Bergman wrote:

> Berin,
> Just as the ASF Board does with each PMC, we should try to encourage each
> PPMC to do the oversight required of it, with guidance from individuals, but
> without micro-management by the PMC as a body.
> My comment from "PPMCs, Mentors and Chairs" on the PMC list was that
> although each PPMC can choose to do things as they find best, my own
> preference would be for the production of any such report to be
> collaborative, with every PPMC member feeling able to participate.
> I'm not sure that there is a beneficial purpose to having a designated
> person to deliver the report.  I've been pleased to see different
> individuals taking on different responsibilities on the Geronimo PPMC, and
> would be concerned that designating certain people for certain tasks could
> be counter-productive to letting each PPMC find its own equilibrium.
> 	--- Noel
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