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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Re: donation of project
Date Wed, 24 Dec 2003 11:46:07 GMT
Matt Liotta wrote:

> Indeed, the proposal doesn't seem to be inline with the document in two 
> ways. First, there is no active development community for it. Second, 
> while the project was originally commercial in nature, we are no longer 
> doing development on it as it currently suits our needs. That is not to 
> say that we won't do bug fixes and other maintenance to it, but we just 
> don't have any active development happening on it anymore.

In that case, as someone who went this way, I would suggest you consider
seriously to choose another host, for example Reasons are:

- If the project won't be developed actively, it is comparatively
   unlikely that it will attract new developers.
- Your administrative burden is *much* smaller. For example, by simply
   registering the project, you get a CVS server, a mailing list system,
   forums, a bug tracking system and all that stuff automatically.
   Migrating your project to Apache is *lots* more work, in particular
   because you need to ask a lot of questions like "how do I get Bugzilla
   up and running" and the like.


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