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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] PPMCs for Incubating Projects
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 23:41:40 GMT
Aaron Bannert wrote:

>Also, it seems to me that any Incubator PMC member who has joined
>a PPMC list is already acting in the role of "Mentor"? Now that we
>have PPMCs, we don't need to have an explicit role of "Mentor"
>anymore. Can we get rid of these complicated rules and roles and
>terms now that we have a PPMC?
seems like it. I like!

Q: what about 'external' mentors, who are not on the incubator PMC?
A: they'll just subscribe to the PPMC and do their magic there (making
their intention clear to pmc and/or ppmc). "Sure, I'll volunteer to make
these folks feel at home here! Where do I subscribe?" is a good
attitude :D

we may even remove the idea from people's heads some day that being
on a PMC is a scary thing, and these mentors will be happy to actually
*be* on the incubator pmc :D

Joe Developer: "So, how does this 'incubation' thing work then?"
Website: "Well, we want to do our best to make new projects feel
welcome at the ASF, and we want the ASF to feel comfortable bringing
the new project under its hood. This requires a get-to-know-the-ropes
period, which we call incubation. We establish something dubbed a
PPMC, which is a mailing list where a project's core group learns how
to deal with all those 'serious' intricacies that come with being a part
of the ASF, like quarterly reports, voting in committers, STATUS
file management, voting procedures, etc etc.

Also, we'll take a good look at any IP/licensing/copyright/trademark
issues that may exist during the incubation process. As soon as it is
clear that a project has truely captured the ASF spirit and all legal
issues are sorted out, the project leaves incubation and lives on on
its own."

Joe Developer: "So, what is this PPMC thing?"
Website: "A mailing list where the project's core group learns what
it means to be part of the ASF. To help them do that, there's a group
of ASF people called the Incubator PMC. Also, there will often be
other interested ASF members to help out and answer questions."

Joe PPMC Member: "So how do I...?"
Website: "We don't have clean answers to most of those questions
(yet). Just post an e-mail about the question/issue/problem, and we'll
figure things out together."

Joe PPMC Member: "I don't have any more questions!"
Website: "Well, good! Go on then, out of the womb, go and
manage things on your own. By the way, would you be interested
in a position on the Incubator PMC to help out new projects?"

yep. Sounds like something Joe would understand, even learn
to like :D


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